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  • 13 May 2022
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It started with a text message informing me that I needed to update my phone or I would cancel my number as a mandatory treaty (the "mandatory" comes from my subjective dislike now).

Of course, I did as required by the short message and updated my mobile phone with the help of online customer service. Everything went well until a few days later when I still didn't receive my mobile phone, I checked my email and found that there was something wrong with the address.(Considering I copy and paste every time, I find it hard to believe I sent it to the wrong address)

That's when things got out of hand.I used tracking mail and was told that the phone I ordered had been returned.

I first contacted the customer service person online again. I don't know what he understood, but he just repeatedly told me that a person can only do one free update, so he can't help me or something like that.

Then I went to the store and was told to do it online.So I returned to the network customer service, the second customer service staff perfectly understood what I meant, so he told him that he would tell the company about this matter, I was very grateful to him and cut off the chat, and then there was no more news.

The third customer service agent switched to someone else in the middle of the conversation, so I had to waste ten minutes waiting for the new customer service agent to double-check all the information.(my email address, mobile phone number, order, etc.) and I don't have much time, so I have to interrupt this chat.

The fourth customer service staff took the initiative to end the service in the middle of the inquiry.

A fifth customer service agent logged into my account to check the information and never came back.

The sixth customer service agent wasted more than 20 minutes of my time and then told me he couldn't help.

The seventh customer service staff told me that I needed to enter the account, click my home service column, select my number and click update.He stopped chatting when I told him all the options were grayed out and unclickable.


The deadline came and my phone was deactivated.My line has been removed from the plan I purchased, and the original line fee is still charged.I went to the customer service staff, who patiently listened to my appeal and said to me, "I'm very sorry, anyone can meet such a terrible misfortune." He suggested that I should spend money to buy the phone again and then restore the line of my phone.

I had already given up taking care of this mobile phone, but today I met some unpleasant things that caused me insomnia, and this thing surfaced in my mind and made my mood even worse.Therefore, I need to send this matter out and seek channels for complaints.


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Hi @Pileun and welcome to the Community Forum. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We’d be happy to review your account to determine how we can assist you. Please send us a PM (private message) & include the name on your account and your wireless number.