Porting 4 Lines and Adding 1 Line to the Unlimited Plan

  • 19 February 2019
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I currently have 4 lines with Tmobile and would like to port the 4 phone numbers over to Cricket and add an additional 5th line to the Unlimited Plan. I will also be bringing all 5 unlocked devices to Cricket. What are the fees associated with that? Will there be an activation fee or sim fee ?

2 replies

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@dvo0607  Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! We'd be happy to assist you with this information and excited that you're  interested in Cricket Wireless. We cant wait to have you a part of our #CricketNation. When you port all lines over to us , what you will need to be paid at moment of activation is the first months plan, $25.00 activation fee per line and sim cards for each line which is $9.99. This is if you activate in store. If you create the account online we waive the $25.00 fee for each line and all you will pay for is the sim cards and the plan. Here is a link to our website if you prefer to order online:



If I want to open a new line, do I have to pay an activation fee if i purchase the plan online?