Protecting women rights

  • 26 November 2021
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Hi, I am engaged in sociological research, I am interested in the topic of protecting women rights, I collect data and questions for future activities and development of the topic. Write your thoughts.


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2 replies


A topic that has always been difficult and controversial, and it cannot be denied, I think that you may find more facts on the useful sources with a large informative collection of articles on the topic of women rights, which will definitely help you collect the necessary material for research, good luck!


As a teenage girl, I want to bring the topic of a well-known masterpiece here. I believe that "Antigone" raises important questions about women's rights. In the play, Antigone challenges the oppressive laws of her society to bury her brother, defying the orders of King Creon. And I see it as an act of rebellion that highlights the limitations placed on women and their lack of agency. Antigone's actions represent a fight for equality and the right to make decisions about one's own family and beliefs. The play sheds light on the patriarchal norms restricting women's freedoms and voices. That is why I think that it will help you do your research. Moreover, you can check because there is enough information on this topic (including other research works). And yes, sure, I also have a belief in the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals, regardless of gender. We, women, face danger when we challenge societal norms. Therefore, Antigone's tragic fate serves as a reminder of women's struggles when striving for justice and equality. Overall, I invite you to reflect on the importance of our rights and the ongoing fight for gender equality in society.