Requirements for a free phone on a new account.

  • 16 November 2021
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  1. It says phones are free with a $60 account.  With two lines the most expensive account is $45, so how does that makes sense?
  2. It says the $60 account must be maintained for 2 months, but you can only change pricing every 6 months, so the $60 account would have to be maintained for 6 months.  No?
  3. It excluded ports from ATT.  I am on Consumer Cellular, a ATT MVNO.  Does that qualify?

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Hi @Toller !

Thanks for your post.

  1. Promotions that mention $60 /mo voice plan are referring to the rate plan itself, which is the $60 /mo rate plan that includes 15 GB of mobile hotspot. If you have two lines with the $60 /mo plan, it would be $90 /mo for both lines ($45 each line w/ group save discounts) but it is still with the correct plan.
  2. Rate plan can be changed when you like, there is no 6 month requirement for rate plan changes.
  3. Current promotions only exclude AT&T directly, but this can vary depending on promotion and it is subject to change. You can confirm eligibility for promos when starting the process on our online store.


Feel free to send me a PM if you have any further questions or clarification needed. :)