Slow internet in Glendale

  • 28 August 2019
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So I’m paying $120 a month for “unlimited high speed internet” total bs i live in Glendale Arizona, near downtown, a very well populated city, there’s no reason why my internet should be this slow and I mean SLOW. I get better service out in the desert....can’t even load a picture in less than 5min , and it takes forever just to load a SONG from Spotify, I can’t refresh anything all my social media pages are stuck on the same thing..I’m not getting what I’m paying for, this makes no sense..I’m going to switch I’ve been with cricket for over 4 years

1 reply

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@christian1207 We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with the service. We are currently making tower updates all around the U.S. Your area maybe one of them. Please message us on our Facebook or Twitter page. Please private message us your location to check the towers in your area.