turbo 2 throttled

  • 6 January 2023
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I activated my turbo 2 hotspot on the $60 unlimited premium plan so we could watch YouTube on our TV and computer. It was my understanding from the website that it wouldn't be throttled no matter how much data we used. Well at 15gb data used we are now throttled and unable to watch anything through the hotspot. So is it unlimited or not?


Best answer by BillyM_Cricket 6 January 2023, 22:05

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2 replies

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@Ver66Reb68Loc93 Hotspot devices are not eligible for our Unlimited plans. You’ll need to select a data only plan for your hotspot:

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@BillyM_Cricket Then why did the website let me have the option to activate it on that plan? I set up 3 lines on the $110 premium plan and when I was choosing the devices the hotspot came up as an option for one of the lines. My account even says it is on the unlimited premium plan. You're letting me watch the exact same things on my phone unlimited without throttle problems, but not on a TV or computer?