WIFI SHUT OFF, anyone else have this issue?

  • 28 May 2020
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For some reason My WIFI turned off, without warning. About the same time as a cricket update. I have been sitting in my house for three months, playing the same stupid games on the same stupid WIFI, Waiting on the COVID all clear to resume normal life. Then For some reason my WIFI disconnected, without any Warning, and I used a Months’ worth of high speed Data, in Two days. While sitting Literally 6 feet from my WIFI router. I went into settings reset my WIFI, and turned off Cellar Data; so I should be good to go,  But I literally threw away a hole months’ worth of high speed data, because I did not know I was using it,

If your reading this Make sure your wifi is still connected.


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I haven't had this happen, but I appreciate the tip. It may have been been a glitch in the software or something that temporarily disabled WiFi.