3G Shutdown - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • 27 December 2021
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Hi! I am hoping to confirm if my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will continue to work on Cricket’s network after the 3G shutdown. I did receive the text message from Cricket regarding the shutdown. However, I’ve been checking the Cricket site (specifically the “Device Compatibility” lookup) and I received the “Yay, your Samsung SM-G925A is compatible!” message when plugging in my phone’s IMEI ID. This leads me to believe that my phone will work after the shutdown.


I should note that I checked other carriers and it appears that my phone will work on their platforms after the shutdown. For example, AT&T is indicating that my phone will continue to be supported on their network after the decom. This furthers my belief that my phone should continue to work as Cricket uses AT&T’s network for service.


Thanks for any confirmation regarding if my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) will continue to work on Cricket’s network after the 3G shutdown. My phone works perfectly and I really have no desire to get a new phone.

5 replies

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Hi @GalaxyGA !


Thanks for your post. If your device is showing up as compatible when you enter the IMEI in the link below, then your device will continue to work after 3G shutdown. :)



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Thanks jdor_Cricket!


Yeah, that’s the page where I received the “Yay, your Samsung SM-G925A is compatible!” message. Thanks for confirming that I should be good to go! Just strange that Cricket would text me saying that I need to replace my phone because of the shutdown even though the Cricket site notes that I’m okay. Oh well! Glad I don’t need to purchase a new phone - especially when my phone (even though it’s old) works great!

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Just wanted to post a follow-up noting that I am unable to make/receive phone calls after the shutdown. Of course, this is even though the Cricket site had (and continues to) noted that my phone is compatible.

If anyone has a Samsung S6 Edge and has figured out how to get phone calls to work, let me know. I’m working with support to try to figure it out. I’ve already completed the first two checks:


Please verify that your device software is up to date. Next, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > then select Voice and Data and turn on LTE. Please also confirm your APN settings are correct by using the link below.


The next step is for me to get a new sim card at a Cricket store. 


I’ll update this thread if I’m able to get the call issue resolved.

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Hey @GalaxyGA! I just wanted to know if the SIM swap worked for you? 

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Hey @MamasitaMarz ! The SIM swap did NOT work. 


I had been working with the Cricket reps on Facebook on my problems (you can send them a direct message). After my SIM failure, I notified the Cricket Facebook rep that the swap was unsuccessful. They added a promo to my account that waived the upgrade fee for a new phone and a promo for a phone replacement. The options that I had to select from were as follows:


Cricket Debut Flip

Samsung Galaxy A02s

Moto G Power

Samsung Galaxy A12

Cricket Dream 5G

Moto Stylus G 5G

iPhone SE 64GB


I asked the Cricket store rep what they thought was the best phone from the list. While I prefer Samsung, the rep indicated that the Moto Stylus G 5G is the best option. She mentioned that the top 3 were Moto Stylus G 5G, Samsung Galaxy A12 and Cricket Dream. I’m going to see how things go with the Moto (I have received it/I ordered it from the Cricket site - just need to get it setup). If I hate it, then I’ll end up buying a new phone. I just thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try the free phone route first and see how it goes.