A71 camera isn't great?

Is anyone else not overly impressed with the A71 camera? Firstly macro = fantastic, never use it but fantastic, live photo mode = fantastic again never use it, wide-angle = fantastic have used this a couple of times. Where it falls short for me is the ordinary camera which unfortunately I use 99% of the time. In bright daylight its great no problem, slightest darkness and noise starts creeping in, if you zoom in slightly lines become jagged and unsmooth, if you don't hold it steady images blur, its let down badly by lack of image stabilization. Then we have video camera which again I never use. The camera has lAppvnots of gimmicks such as macro which are great but I feel they should have sorted out the main camera as for me its not really good enough, my old S5 performs better in this department. SHAREit

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