Anyone else notice this?

  • 16 June 2020
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First of all I am a Samsung user, I love samsung but in my opinion & I know that I am not alone, that they just need to optimize their software. Not their UI, the UI is fantastic but the way how they optimize their phones compared to what I want to talk about is weird?

So I have friends who use Huawei and iPhone's, and when I use them they just feel, EVEN though they are 60hz, just smoother. The animations, the little details, everything is better optimized. I know the 120hz makes the UI smoother, but a if you have your SM phone on 60hz and start the screen recorder, watch that and you will see that the video is smoother than what you see...

I am not hating samsung, but it's just that I think they dont really care about detail as much as they should since my Note9 cost 1000€...

If anyone has the same experience as I do or found a way to make it smoother, please let me know 😊 happymod

1 reply

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I haven't had a Samsung since the Galaxy S8, but I do remember that the UI/software was a hit or miss back then. Sometimes, I feel like they try to do too many things to stand out between android devices. Not sure about newer phones, but I also think the software was the main thing I disliked about my S8.