• 19 March 2023
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Hi Purchased an Unlocked AT&T Samsung a42 5g phone to replace my Samsung a32 5g Cricket phone.

The a42 5g is much quicker than the a32 5g phone with double the GB, 128 vs 64, the Sim card and SD card work and I have service, that's Not the Issue!

How do I get the Cricket Features that are on the Samsung a32 5g Cricket phone, on the Unlocked Samsung A42 5g AT&T phone?

I'm Used to the Cricket App Notifications sounds and the Cricket Ringtone I like, which is Not on the Non Cricket Samsung a42 5g phone, plus being a Cricket customer for 10 plus years, there are other things I've gotten used to on a Cricket phone. Cricket offered a Samsung A42 5g at one time, but it wasn't available when I got the A32 5g from a Cricket walk in store.

HELP, Any Suggestions?


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Hi @cfh13427! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to add Cricket features to an unlocked Samsung device. Some features are pre-installed on devices purchased from Cricket. We wouldn’t be able to offer these same features for a non-Cricket device. Hopefully, this answers your question!