Battery degradation or usage pattern?

I havea pesky A20, with around 4000mAh battery. Earlier is used to get around 21 hr of battery, i knew it would degrade... And now it's around 15.

Days when i use it heavily i get 10 or 11 hrs. But then i u se my phone lightly for the next few days and it goes up to 15.

I used to get a regular 13hrs usage when it showed my that i have 17hrs of battery...

What is happening, is the battery actually degrading or it's all just about the usage... And how much more will it drop?

I'm very particular about battery life so some tips to save battery would be welcome.

(I was gifted this phone, har no choice. And i would have to spend next 3,4 yrs with it)


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Hello @konarktriv7! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Battery life can be based on several factors including the usage periods, the number of applications that are on the device and running, the brightness of the screen display, and even the physical wear and tear of the phone. 

Our recommendation to increase the battery life is to make sure that there are little no devices running in the background which can include weather apps, email, etc. You can also turn off features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while they are not in use. The features are constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices to connect to which can drain the battery. 

You can also purchase an external battery back which will give you reserve battery life when/if your battery life is getting low. Hopefully, this helps! #SmileOn 


Thank you very much for the information you provided! This was very useful for me, as I decided to make a DIY solar in order to save on paying for electricity, and began to search the Internet for the necessary components to make the system work. Your information was necessary for me. Thank you again!