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  • 1 January 2022
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Why has this issue not been solved yet? My Galaxy S10+ has options to block cell based spam but no option to block email based spam send to entire groups of #s. This is infuriating and I am sick of it. I hear other providers like ATT and Verizon have this capability, why is Cricket lacking? 

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Hey @bustamanteverde 

At the moment, we don’t have an option to disable email based messages to SMS, but we do appreciate your feedback and we will pass it along to our team. Please keep in mind it is important to not respond directly to a spam message, doing so alerts the spammer that the number is genuine, instead you should report the spam message so that the source of the spam can be investigated. Please visit the link provided, to fill out a brief report (include email address or phone number), and our spam response provider will take appropriate action.

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