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  • 18 May 2021
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Like most of you my wife and I had to upgrade our phones when Cricket made their big update/upgrade or whatever they are passing it off as now a few months ago. I purchased her a Samsung A71 and we stopped at the Cricket store immediately afterward so I just had the Cricket CSR swap the SIM and activate it. She did and I took the time to VERIFY(EVEN THOUGH THE IMEI CHECKER CONFIRMED IT WAS COMPATIBLE) the Hotspot worked because she and I pay for an extra 15g a month because we work mobile a great deal. Everything WORKED. Fast forward to last week and I had noticed a spike in our Hotspot data usage on her phone and because of the increase I wanted to see if it was something we were doing. I went online and talked to support and when I realized the bill was due the next day I paid it. I was out of town and only had my travel credit/debit card so I did a bridge split payment at the CSR's suggestion so I could look over everything and if there was an error it could be subtracted or added to the balance. Well, after verifying everything was fine and the usage spike was due to just basically longer workdays for us.... I payed the balance before the due day. The next day my wife called me and said her Hotspot feature wasn't working. In a rush I told her to grab our travel Hotspot and put it in the car and I would check it out that night. When I called support, I was told the phone she had been using (purchased March 13, 2021) wasn't compatible for the Hotspot feature. I explained she had been using it almost every day since purchase for work and the CSR tried to tell me it HADN'T been used at all. I told her she was wrong because I had screen shots of daily usage for BOTH our lines I kept to track work time for payroll. She sent me to a SUPV. to whom I explained over again the dilemma and he said it wasn't compatible. I went through the changes and platform update info for the phone compatibility from Their website and emails and he said..... It wasn't compatible. That was all he would say.... and a minute later when I asked to escalate the issue higher he disconnected the call..... a Customer Support SUPV!!!!!

My question is how many others have purchased new phones and had this happen too? 

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