Cricket and downloading apps

  • 14 December 2019
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I have cricket and am on the 55 dollar unlimited plan. Most stuff works ok but lately downloading apps from the google play store literally takes HOURS. Downloading apps over wifi is very fast as expected. For example downloading the uber app (less than 60mb) took me over an hour. I have full bars and other stuff like internet YouTube and stuff works fine but downloading or updating apps is excruciatingly slow. I've talked with technical support from cricket and also with tech support from google play and have been unable to resolve the issue. Have tried everything. The phone is 8 months old and is in excellent condition. My bill is due on the 15th and I am planning on porting my number and switching to boost mobile tomorrow. I've talked to countless techs from Google and cricket and my problem persists.

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6 replies

hi there well on base of the information  the problems will be with the aplication cause when the problems is wth the  internet speed all the app are gonna run slow , did you check  traying installs the aplication trought google in order to do that you have to type in the name for the aplication and then apk for example uber apk and there is gonna  work better 

Do you have autoupdate for apps on?
It could have been updating other apps in the background before installing your app.

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Hi @oshea1987 and thank you for posting on the Community Forum! We hate to hear you're considering leaving us. We'd be happy to look into your slow data speeds. Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at if you would like additional assistance. We're here to help!

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