cricket has my phone blacklisted when it is clean

  • 28 July 2022
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I bought an unlocked Verizon phone. I  checked the imei # with numerous websites and they all say the phone is clean. But cricket /At&t say it's stolen or not unlocked. I called Verizon they said the phone has been unlocked since 2017 when it was purchased and the phone is clean. Verizon said there has never been any issues on the phone.  Verizon can't understand why At&t and cricket say it's stolen. Verizon said it's there phone so cricket can't blacklist it and they can't understand why it's saying it's blacklisted when it is not!! At&t and cricket will not resolve this issue! They say they can't remove a Verizon phone from a blacklist but VERIZON DOESNT HAVE IT BLACKLISTED!! Cricket has it blacklisted. I have googled how to resolve this issue and I have found MANY people complaining of this same issue. Saying cricket/At&t are blacklisting phones that are perfectly fine so that you have no choice but to buy a new phone. If I don't get this resolved I will not be buying a new phone but you will lose my business and the 4 other lines I have! 


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Devices aren’t always blacklisted by the last carrier. Devices can be blacklisted by Assurion too. Maybe you should check with them. If you have an unreturned replacement, you might as well just get a new phone lol


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Hi @Jathall and welcome to the Community Forum! We’d be happy to look into this for you. Please send us a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account, your wireless number, and the IMEI number of the device.