Cricket phone restricting to 480p even on WiFi.

  • 19 September 2022
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Got a new Samsung A32 from Cricket recently.  Realize that it will only do 480p on some apps, including Youtube Tv.  Only gives options in the app up to 480p.  Even when you turn off mobile data and just use WiFi.  Reboot the phone, and it gives 1080 for a few minutes, then reverts back to 480p.  Other phones on the account work fine, just not this one.  Youtube will do 1080 or 720 on this phone.  Somehow Cricket is blocking anything above 480p on Youtube TV, and won’t admit it.  Anyone know a way around this?  (Using a VPN don’t work, already tried it.)


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2 replies

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Any yes, my WiFi is extremely fast. Will stream 4k with no issues.

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Hi @jrs769 !

Thanks for posting. Cricket does not reduce or limit streaming quality while connected to Wi-Fi but we’d be happy to look into this for you. Have you had a chance to check if YouTube TV app has any settings that could be limiting the quality? Also, what are the other apps that are limiting you while on Wi-Fi?

We would also recommend that your device has the latest software installed, and that the app has the latest update as well. This can help resolve any issues that could be related to software.

Feel free to send us a PM @CricketSupport including the details for further review and assistance.