• 7 April 2023
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Im a 63 yr handicapped/disabled man. Aprox 3 yrs ago i got a cell phone from cricket..first day i got it was malfuntioned...i called they said i could not come to return it.. over the three years i have called and asked for help several times. they say my warranty has run tell me how is that fair.?? i was in the middle of a doctors call about my SURGERY. and got cut off like it always does.... the phone buzzs and whole bunch of texts come thru hours late sometimes day late...ive had many ppl that work with cellphones tell me its malfuntioned phone...Well ijust paid my bill and they wont let me have a refund so i can go get a SAFER phone.....IF NOT. I WILL ask my case worker to get ahold of her congress friend to help us. cause i dont know what else to do ....


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Hi @LEEBA2023 and welcome to the Community Forum. We’re sorry to hear about your device. Most Cricket devices carry a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of purchase. If your phone is out of warranty, we’d be happy to recommend some device options. Keep in mind, you can also use any compatible unlocked phone on our network that you purchase from a 3rd party retailer. We recommend plugging the phone’s IMEI into our checker below to confirm it’s compatibility with our network.

All customers are eligible for upgrade pricing once every 180 or 365 days depending on your date of activation. For more information on how to upgrade your current phone, click here: