Cricket sold me a terrible phone

  • 4 May 2021
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About a year ago my wife and I upgraded our phones.  My wife is happy with hers, but I am not with mine.  I use my phone a bit differently than most people.  I have damaged vocal cords so it is hard for me to be understood on a cell phone, which is why I have most of my conversations via my home phone.  So I use my cell for texting, mapping, and taking pictures.  I had an LG phone which served me well but had a terrible camera.  I upgraded it to a Galaxy A11 and the only thing I like about this one is the camera.  Otherwise it is the lousiest phone I have ever had.  Even though I actually don’t use it a lot, I still have to recharge it every 36 hours, even if it just sits on my desk.  You can literally set the phone in front of you and watch the battery discharge another 1% every few minutes.  It seems to be the only Android phone on the market without a magnetometer, so I can’t install a compass.  It doesn’t have an indicator light so I never know if a message or a call has come in unless I unlock the phone.  The touch screen is terrible and I often have to press down on an icon several times to get an app to open.  The act of moving pictures and apps to the MicroSD card is an adventure, and way more complicated than in my previous phone.  There’s more but I can’t remember them right now.  I made these complaints to Cricket months ago, and the only response I got was someone calling on my cell and leaving two messages, even though I asked them to call me on my home phone.  This “free” phone cost me a bundle, with the fees to Cricket and the accessories I got from Amazon because they are less than half the price Cricket sells them for.  I hate to spend a bundle on a new phone again because I just don’t use it like everyone else and it is not attached to me 24/7.  But it is also a hassle to have to keep recharging the stupid thing and be stuck with it unless I’m willing to lose more money on a new phone.  If anybody at Cricket is paying attention, I’d appreciate someone to send me their contact information so I can address this with a human, since you don’t have a place to send emails on the web site.

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Hi @Paulw 

We’re saddened to hear you are not happy with your Galaxy A11. Cricket provides a 7-day return policy for devices, in which you may return a qualifying wireless device. If it has been less than 7 days, you can visit the Cricket store where it was purchased for return, or contact Customer Support to start a return if device was purchased online. Unfortunately, outside of the 7-day window, the device would no longer be eligible to be returned.

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