Full signal and 4g, but cant make calls...but i can text and post this on the internet!!!

  • 13 November 2019
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I am so incredibly dissatisfied with this service that I will probably be switching back to Verizon. I have full signal...much better than we EVER had with Verizon, but guess what? I cant even make a phone call or receive one. Customer service cant help and when I called them they said multiple things from it's an issue with my phone all the way to they'll put in a ticket with their tech support...but guess what? Tech support doesn't work weekends!!! ...and nobody ever called me back either when they were "back." I have even been back to the store twice and they finally changed my sim card. What the hell? I want a refund or something. Why should I pay for the service when I cant even use it?? Someone help me please! My phone is so incredibly important. I'm a nursing manager for a home health agency and am on call 24/7.

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@Bronco92 This sounds like a job for our advanced technical support team. Please reach out to our social media support via Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) for assistance. 

i have the same issue. First week, Line one stopped making and recieving calls. new sim chip fixed this for 4 hours. told the second time it was the phone killing the sim chip. Bought a brand new phone, bought another new sim chip. worked for 4-5 hours. stopped making and receiving calls after that. Called cricket, put in a ticket that takes 4 days to return my call and see if it was resolved. what BS!!! no phone use for 4 days over your network errors specific to my account! 4 lines i have. Day 5, Line 2 has same issue starting after midnight, no calls out or incoming. Replaced sim chip at the store again. worked for few hours only. checked my other 2 lines, they been working. Day 6, now all my lines have the same exact issue. called Cricket with my work phone since all my lines are not functioning. waiting back and forth with lady named Hannah today. got told i have a new ticket number, and take another 3-5 days for them to call my work phone back and see if the problem has resolved since i called. Really?! You expect this to resolve on its own? I have no service for 4 days already, and now going to be another 3-5 days?! I'm looking for a different provider. Most all posts with this problem only get resolved by changing carriers once they start having problems with cricket. Had this service for over 3 years now. I guess customer retention is not the strong suit. 

I suggest anyone getting problems with just phone calls, switch carriers. Theres boost, Mint, and other MVNO providers that are cheap still. 

And if customer service says to reply to them, I already have, as stated above. There was no acceptable resolution. Im just out the $100 service i just paid for this month plus the new phone i bought because I was told it was a phone issue. These sim chips were put in other phones from the cricket store and did not work for incoming and outgoing calls still.


As of 2/23/2022, I am not able to receive or make calls on my cricket phone.  I have a samsung s9+ with a 4glte signal. full bars.  able to send/receive text msgs and use internet.  but no calls! This is making me want to switch to a different carrier just so I can make and receive calls!


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