Galaxy A51 suddenly reboots contantly unless in Airplane mode.

  • 13 June 2022
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Thanks for any insights. I have already purchased a cheaper Cricket phone until I fix or give up on this one…

A few days ago my Galaxy A51 5G (which had been fine minutes earlier for calls/texts) suddenly restarted multiple times in a row. After maybe 5 minutes of this, it stayed on but told me there was no sim card installed.

I manually rebooted and the same thing happened - multiple consecutive reboots, until finally it stayed on but told me no sim card was installed.

I subsequently figured out that if I put the phone in Airplane mode, it would stay on and let me work via Wi-Fi for maybe a few hours before rebooting itself again and again.

I removed/reinserted the SIM card, reset the network settings, uninstalled all non-essential apps, booted to safe mode (still would not recognize the sim card), and went to Cricket and purchased a new sim card. None of it helped. 

Then I did a factory data reset, but still the same issue.  

I found threads for A51 restarting on Samsung, but they were not specific to the SIM card/network being on and didn’t address the issue.

Any insights before I consider the phone a loss?  Anyone else have this issue?




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That’s pretty strange, seems like it could be some type of software or hardware issue. Have you checked to make sure that you have the latest software update installed? Maybe there is a fix available via update.

Also, how long have you had the device? It may be eligible for manufacturer warranty with Samsung / Cricket if device is less than a year old.


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