Galaxy S9 SM-G960-U security update

  • 2 June 2021
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SOS someone has fallen asleep at the wheel there has not been a update for Samsung Galaxy S9 phones since November 2020....…



Current Firmware

Baseband: G960USQU8FTK2 

(Highly outdated)



I would have never bought the phone if I knew Cricket was going to abandon all security firmware updates leaving its users wide open for hackers.......


(My employer says I cannot use it for work because its a security risk and has been exploited back in January 2021)



I know a employee probably will not help is there any users that know of work around I'm presuming I will have to hook it up to a computer and update the phone myself because I'm sure Samsung removed the cricket bloatware and mandatory apps from firmware updates And it's probably the only reason it's not being updated because they cannot obtain user information with it from unlocked phones








1 reply

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Hey there @will7455. We understand the importance of keeping up to date and Cricket periodically releases software updates for Cricket branded devices. As of December, 2020 users with software version G960USQU8FTK2 can upgrade to version G960USQU8FTK4. You can find out more here.