Galaxy s9 update

  • 10 June 2019
  • 8 replies

When is the new update going to roll out. I haven't had a security update since Christmas. This is unsafe.

8 replies

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Hello @Phalse,

Thank you for your post. There have been multiple updates released for the S9 this year, the latest being released on 5/14. Please keep in mind that only Cricket branded devices will receive updates and that some updates require Wi-Fi to download.


I haven’t received any updates either. What’s the deal?
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I had to download the firmware from Sam mobile and to the install myself. It is very risky to do it if you don't fallow the directions. Once I did the update I have not had any issues on getting anymore security updates for my phone.
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It was too long ago for me to remember witch one I used. The only thing you can do is check the software version on the support site for the phone. And download that way. You might have to use one of the older ones. The time I did it, once i set the phone back up i had an update that came through OTA. I did use the option for a clean install, so make sure you back up all contacts and any thing else you need to
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I also should tell you that this is very risky to do, you must make sure you download the right version for your model of phone or your phone will become a paper weight. Once you download the firmware make sure you follow the instructions step by step.
I haven't received one since December. I bought the phone at cricket, so it is a cricket branded device. I am also on WiFi.

I have a Samsung S9, Model Number SM-G960U with software RJ6(AIO) (Android Oreo v8.0).

I am on WIFI, checking for updates and keeps saying my phone is up to date.

So when is Android Pie v9.0 rolling out to our phones?


May i know PDA/CSC Version you downloaded for the firmware? Mine gets stuck at 30% when doing the OTA update.