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  • 29 April 2019
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Why can't be approved to pay for the hotspot when my phone is working great as a hotspot? I own a new from Samsung s9+ phone. If the rules states you should use an eligible phone to work for the hotspot. Why my phone is not allowed to use the hot spot? I just want to pay the fees so I ca use my tablet, since my vision is not that good. I was told to stop using the hot spot or they will suspend my line. I went to their office and I paid for one other pho e that was on their list of eligible to use the hot spot. I have 4 lines. I tried to use that lines hot spot but it did not work. So why can't I just pay for my phone that fee so I can continue to use my hot spot? My husband is ready to drop the service and go to other carriers.

3 replies

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Hello @6027185095

The S9+ is not on our list of phones that are compatible with hotspot on our service. Hotspot on our Unlimtied plans is limited to 10Gb of usage at high speeds. To track this usage separately from your normal data usage the phone needs to have 2 APNs. If the phone does not have two APNs then it will not be compatible with hotspot on our network. 


I did tried. . I went to the oftice, i calde suport, i was told my phone is not qualified fior a HOT Spot. Then, since i have one son with a very cheap phone that qualifies for a hotspot, i paid the fees for that phone. We came home, yet the hotspot did not work From His phone. So my questions is Why my phone is not qualified for a  hotspot? Why, if is working? I just want to pay. They don’t allow me. In the end, I’ll have to switch carriers. 

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It seems like you have an eligible device. Have you signed up for the plan that allows your phone to tether?