I already have visual voicemail.. much of what I find is rather funny

  • 12 February 2021
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I have visual voicemail and for the most part can see messages transcribed or at best if they are not making any sense at all due to the interpretations of messages, I can at least see who was calling.. However, regular voice mail often notifies me that I’ve got voicemail messages, so upon my attempt to access I am asked for password.  I input all types of passwords that I would have chosen yet nothing is working.  Unfortunately after chat hours or calling hours the automated suggestions of pressing 1 for instructions again ask for my password.  Can I at least share with you that I never .. not once.. ever set up an actual password for ‘regular voicemail’ ?  Because I never did that.  How is it that I am to supply a password if I never set one up?  And if (thinking outside the box) the pw is my account password then I am concerned because the @ symbol isnt in the options to input for a password.  I tried all 4-digit passwords I would typically want for access but nothing is working.. I even tried the code needed that the cricket reps need to verify my account.. that doesnt work either.. How can I access regular voice mail ?  can someone please help ?

3 replies

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Hey @LadyLee1965, if you’ve never s/u your reg vm, then when you press & hold the #1 on your keypad, it should walk you thru s/u instructions. If it’s asking you for a code, try the last 4-digits of your phone number. If that doesn’t work, try the last 6-digits. If that doesn’t work, I would reach out to them on their national FB pg via Messenger. They can reset your vm super quick. Good luck! :thumbsup_tone4:

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Thank you I did read that advice with the help chat bot.. tried it and it started to dial with the information however during the automated message it still required my password to voice mail!  It was frustrating.  so yes, I will have to call them during normal hours they are available.  Trouble is I’m usually at work and cannot call til late in the evening.  but thanks anyway

Did you try your 4 digit pin or last 4 digits of your phone number?