Its april and still no pie update on my galaxy s9

  • 27 April 2019
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Its april and still did not get the android pie update on my galaxy s9. Whats the real issue behind this and how many cricket phone users got the update?

7 replies

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Hello @Sarkar_6

The Android 9 update was released for Cricket branded devices on 3/4/2019. You will need to have Wi-Fi access and be on the most recent version to get the update. You can check for updates in your device settings. 

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I have been checking on my phone to update every day and it still shows my phone is up to date. I have sent a message to your Facebook page and all I got was you will get it when it pushes thru
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Why can't we get any answers on why some of versions of the s9 have not received the pie update. I read all available documents and my software version is not listed

My s9 is still running Android 8.0. I'd also like to know when we are going to get the PIE update

Did you ever get the update? It’s August and I have yet to receive any update for my Galaxy s9.
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I had to download the firmware from Sam mobile and to the install myself. It is very risky to do it if you don't fallow the directions. Once I did the update I have not had any issues on getting anymore security updates for my phone.