junky phone new 4 days old not working

  • 20 June 2021
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I'm furious. I changed to cricket because their service was better than straight talk. But boy was I lied to. Completely. I got a POS phone that same day I got it froze for ten minutes at a time and the signal only allowed me 5 minutes before it just disappeared. I call to replace this POS phone with a new one as I have to have it for my business. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm informed 4 days after getting it, my options are return the phone and get my money back but I will lose my phone number that I brought with me. Or send this one in and wait 2-3 days for a replacement and have no phone AGAIN I NEED MY PHONE EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thank God I am the only one I switched because this is NOT good service. I will switch to someone else and this POS will show up on your counter at a store. And the friends I told I will be calling now to tell then NOOOOOO. It's a scam. Take care because I'm done 


1 reply

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That sucks. I use my own iPhone purchased outside of Cricket, and the service works great for me in my area. You can always buy your own device, as most of the cheaper or free devices they give you will not be the best performance (reason why it’s so cheap). If you will be switching, good luck with other carriers, hopefully it goes well!