My Galaxy S10e is compatible, but can’t make/receive calls

  • 13 March 2022
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I have a Galaxy S10e, and per Cricket’s page, it is compatible after the 3G sunset.  But two days ago it stopped making/receiving calls.  Everything else works; text, data, GPS, WiFi, etc, but it won’t make calls, and when someone calls me it goes straight to voicemail, which I can’t get either because I can’t make a call.  I never reecived notice from Cricket that I would have an issue with the 3G sunset, which is supported by the fact that my phone is compatible per Cricket’s “3G Sunset” page.  

I talked w/ Tech Support and after a half-hour, they were able change my LTE to H+ And I was able to make calls, but that only lasted an hour.  As soon as I drove away from my house my phone reverted to LTE and I couldn’t make any calls.  I stopped at the Burien Cricket store and the lady there told me that my phone isn’t compatible and that Cricket is offering free comparable phones for people affected by the 3G sunset, though then she told me I’m not eligible for some reason.  She seemed to think that my phone was getting confused because it wants to keep connecting to 3G rather than 4G/LTE, which is hard to believe.  

I’ve done everything from powering my phone off overnight, reset the network, removed the SIM, but only the trick that Tech Support seemed to work, though it didn’t last.  

I need some more help from Cricket.  

 . Why after entering my IMEI is my phone listed as compatible, but doesn’t work?  

 . Is Cricket using this as an excuse to cover up an inability to fix whatever the real problem is with the 5G transition? 

 . Why should I have to get a new phone, if my S10e is compatible?  

And don’t tell me to go to Facebook or Twitter, that doesn’t make any sense to me.  Just send me a text or message with some simple instructions to get help from you.  I have five family members on your network, two of us are have phones not working because of this issue.  It’s your opportunity to excel!


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@alif16 We are sorry to hear about your troubles with your Samsung Galaxy S10e. Since the shutdown of our 3G network, some BYOP users are being impacted and unable to make/receive calls. We are happy to go through some troubleshooting steps via PM for further assistance :grinning:

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I purchased a Galaxy s10e on October 29th. I purchased a Galaxy because it has gorilla glass, high ram, fits my hand (why I bought the e vs the S10)

I'm in Atlantic city on a business trip. I'm a vendor for a large camp convention. I need my phone, contracts are on the line. Same issue, Sunday morning I couldn't make or receive calls. 

Went to cricket store today, they said it's no longer supported. I said I had gotten weird texts from cricket "your device requires a change to continue service, please update your software version" several times. There were no available updates so I thought hey, I couldn't do when they said. No harm assumed, I'm up to date. They said those texts were informing me that my phone would no longer be supported which is wrong. I was nice, I didn't get upset, it's not their fault. They did go into the back and get me a Moto G Stylus which is nice. I told the lady, as long as it has gorilla glass, she said I needed my own screen protector. I said, no, I just bought a Galaxy with gorilla glass, she said the Moto G has it. 

I just went to Corning Gorilla glass page. The Moto G Stylus doesn't have it. 

I compared the specs, I have 2gb less ram, way fewer built in features. This isn't a Samsung (I specifically use Samsung). This doesn't fit my hands, I need thumb on bottom middle on top one handed holding. This is a huge device. I was not given any options. I wasn't given a phone nearly the equivalent. 

I expect more from Cricket Wireless. This is your mistake and your mistake cost me money. 

I expect a Samsung Galaxy comparable to the s10e, not some junk burner phone. 

I expect if you know my phone isn't going to work that you let me know. I can't tell how much business I missed at the first day of the conference. I couldn't coordinate with team members I had staff who didn't know where to go. This is unprofessional and may have cost me thousands of dollars and the we're sorry gift is a base model LG? 

Fix this or I'll work it out with the BBB, file a complaint with the FCC, and the attorney general's office. 

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A little update.  I DM’d back and forth with James for three days, trying different things that didn’t solve my problem.  He then offered to send me a new SIM card.  I waited 12 days, prompting him, and never received a SIM card, but 3 days ago my S10e had a software upgrade come through, and after that upgrade, there was a phone reset that it needed to do.  Those two things fixed my problem, I can call and receive calls now.  

I’ve got to say, DM is probably the worse thing in the world; 3 days to text back and forth is tedious.  And I did not have mark this post as solved, Cricket did that themselves.  

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I had the same software fix roll out too. I did notice, however, that with 2 bars of 4g lte, my phone doesn’t send or accept calls. 

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So they eventually fixed the problem? I’m having the same issue with my S9+; there was a software update last week, and when I allowed it to install I lost all call capability, and even my data is squirrely. Phone is at&t carrier locked, whitelisted, worked fine prior to the update. CS tried their troubleshooting and told me its just a non-compatible phone, and had no explanation for why it was compatible until the software update, and post-update, all my VOLTE/Wi-Fi Calling, etc has been disabled. When I dial *#*#4636#*#* It tells me volte is not provisioned now. 

 So CS says there’s nothing they can do, all I can do is wait for a software update to be released to fix it, or get a new phone, and the best they could offer me was some el cheapo cricket branded phone for $40 - nothing anywhere comparable to my S9, which, incidentally, I just bought a month ago - AFTER they told me that I had to buy either an At&t or Cricket branded phone for it to work correctly ( I had bought a factory unlocked Galaxy that was supposedly cricket compatible, but they said because it was factory unlocked it wouldn’t I returned it and bought the at&t locked one.)

I’m getting really angry with this - my husband and daughter both have iphones (a 7 and a 2016 SE) and they have no issues...because apparently this problem only effects androids, and chiefly Samsung. I’m NOT switching to an iPhone just because Cricket won’t get their act together. I’ll switch phone companies.