New phone issues and was sent a used phone

  • 15 October 2019
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I purchase a brand new phone through a leasing agent but upon getting the phone started having issues I called and no one even bother to try and troubleshoot it immediately I was told to send it in but afterwards I was told I was getting a refurbished phone but still pain for a brand new phone through the leasing Agent I called many times and even ask my phone back and was told no by the warranty department I am so upset and feel scammed

1 reply

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@Pavellyartist Hi there, thank you for posting on our community forum. If your device was having theses issues within the 7 days you can exchange it with the store that the device was purchased from. If you are past the 7 days you must follow the warranty procedure. Yes you purchased a new device but it is defective. The devices that the warranty department sends are better than the ones that customers purchased. If you have any issues with the device that warranty sends just give them a call and they will be happy to exchange the device for you.