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  • 12 March 2020
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I am considering updating my S4 to an unlocked S10.  The S4 uses a micro SIM Card while the S10 uses a nano SIM Card.  My S4 SIM Card is old enough not to be part of the Universal SIM Card kit, so it does not simply punch out to nano size.


I understand that I need to get the nano SIM Card from the local Cricket store.  Can this be done in advance of receiving the new phone without disrupting service on the current SIM card in the S4?

I would like to have the new SIM card ready for when the new phone arrives, but not activate it until I am ready to setup the new phone.  Is this possible?  Or does the new SIM card activate automatically when it is issued at the store?

Are there any extra fees associated with getting the SIM card in the store as opposed to online?  I didn't see an option to generate a new SIM card via online purchase.


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Thank you Marlena.

Is there a difference between contacting Cricket via Twitter or using the self service links (Activate Online Order) or (Activate SIM purchased someplace else, asks for IMEI and ICCID numbers)?

I have a local Cricket Store, so the SIM will be purchased there, not in Best Buy etc.

If the Twitter option is required, is it a real time conversation or is there a waiting period until the tweet is read and the sim activated?


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Hi @SMerzon, welcome to the Community Forum! You can actually visit one of our National Retailers, (Target, Walmart or Best Buy), to purchase the SIM card kit prior to activating your new S10. The cost is the same as it would be in one of our stores or online ($9.99 + tax). Once you're ready to activate your new device, reach out to our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at so that we can update the new SIM card number on your account. Thank you for choosing the #CricketNation! #SmileOn:smileyhappy: