No mobile data after factory reset - solved it myself.

  • 3 December 2018
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I did a factory reset on my phone, and then had no mobile data.  Tried everything.  APN settings, mobile data on, 500 internet searches.  Everything fine on the phone except except no data. (WiFi fine)



Backup and Reset

Reset network settings.


Here was what Cricket support had to say to help:


Me: Hello, I have no mobile data on my phone. I did a factory reset and now there is no mobile data.
 Support #1: Let's check everything you've ever done in your life that relates to your phone. Sorry, can't figure it out. I will escalate your case.
Support #2: Let's check your signal strength.
Me: It is not a signal issue. I have the problem everywhere. It started when did a factory reset.
Support #2: Well, let's check your signal strength. Hmmm... Your signal seems fine. Sorry, I'll escalate your case.
Person at store: Hmmm. I've never seen this before. It's obviously not the signal, since my phone is fine here.
Me: Can you put a note in my case that says you tried and it is not the signal?
Person at store: Sure.
Support #3: We don't see any notes in your case. We are looking into the signal strength at your house.
Me: Can you put a note in my case?
Support #3: Sure.
Support #4: We have checked your service, and there is no problem with your signal.
Fortunately, by then I had figured it out myself. 


2 replies

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