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  • 16 August 2019
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Over the past few days, my phone has been saying "No network service" and "Emergency calls only" at my work. I've had service in the exact same location for the past year. What can be the cause? I have an S10e if that makes any difference.

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5 replies

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Hi @Kimallow  we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing service issues. Can you message us on our Facebook or Twitter page so we can assist with this issue?

I'm having the same issues out of the blue on all 3 of my lines worked fine before now it wont. I've already reset my network settings
I'm having the same issue and I've messaged y'all on your social media accounts and still no reply


Must be the "Corona Virus"

Samsung Galaxy S7. and my Daughter's iphone 6 only get one to two bars of service. I was moved home to work as an Unemployment essential worker and told to use my personal cell phone. My phone was working well the first three months and starting in July my calls are dropping and sometimes I cannot call out or receive calls. I am sitting in the same spot working OT trying to help the unemployed and Sat. too but why can't I just call these people? The state of Utah really needs my phone to work reliably. The posts say view solution when I look up issues in this forum but nothing like a solution opens. Maybe forums are beyond my understanding. But I do know my phone is not working properly and Cricket service is hampering my job functions