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  • 30 August 2019
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I have a Samsung S8+ and I haven't received any software or security patch updates. I am still running Android N with Security Patch August 1, 2017. I have tried factory reset, wipe partition cache , safe mode, forced the check software update under settings and samsung smart switch using my computer. I have contacted both Samsung and Cricket about this issue and have gotten absolutely nowhere and not to mention I took my phone to AT&T and they couldn't even figure it out. If anyone could please help me that would be great. 

Model # SM-G955U

Build # NRD90M.G955USQU1AQGL


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@eaganm Carrier updates only go out to phones branded to that service so only Cricket branded phones will get updates from Cricket. If yours is from another carrier you'll either need to go directly to Samsung or put an active sim from that carrier in your phone.

Well that sucks considering that I have an AT&T branded phone and Cricket is a sub of at&t. Seems to me that if Cricket allows boyd devices that they should be implementing a way to get us the os updates. Other carriers have similar plans now a days and switching is an option I know that I'm considering because of this.
I had the same setup take it to ubreakit store in your area and they can flash the new 9.0 firmware to it it,s free but you,ll still be on at&t firmware so it cant get ota updates and no wifi calling cricket offers bring your own device but leave out that when you do you are sol.
Everyone with this problem just get a at&t prepaid sim card and go to the website pre paid active. Put the sim number and your phone IMEI number go thru the steps but don't pay for a plan. And the software update will work. I had to do that to my at&t Galaxy j7 2018. But you will have to do that Everytime there is a software or security patch update for your device.