phone wont let me make or recive calls

  • 10 June 2022
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I have 4 lines on my plan. We all have the same phones. Both mine and my daughter's lines won't make or receive phone calls. We can text and use data. I have tried switching my sim card to another phone which is also on my plan that is working. That phone would not work with my sim card in it. I have tried driving to another spot closer into town still won't work. I tried turning my phone off and on that didn't work. I tried taking my sim card out that didn't work. I tried clearing the cache that didn't work. I tried to call can't make any calls. I tried to chat held on the chat for over 20 minutes. Then got disconnected.  Now they are closed. They are not even open for technical support. This is ridiculous. My bill is paid up. I checked my software is up to date. Here I've been without phones for a day now. This is the biggest crock of#$it ever. 

2 replies


Doing the same thing for me. My boyfriends phone is working perfectly. This is the 3rd time this has happened. If they want us to upgrade our phones then they need to pay for a upgrade that is equal value and quality as the phones we have now. I'm tired of this shit compnay!


I was stunned by your affiliation. I'm happy to see a particularly subject.