Phone worked last week. Today it's "incompatible!"

  • 24 March 2021
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We passed my wife's Galaxy S7, which she's used over a year on Cricket, to my daughter. We put her Cricket SIM card, which she had on a 4G LTE Cricket phone for over a year into this one and now it's considered incompatible. Took it to the useless store, who tried to sell me a crap phone. Why all of the sudden this 4G phone and 4G SIM are "incompatible?" It's up to date and everything. 

2 replies

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Hey @Banzairunner - Cricket made some network changes a couple of months ago, as a result of them beginning to shut down the 3G network. Your phone has to be HD-Voice Capable now, but not all non-Cricket phones are gonna work.

But this phone is an LTE 4G phone. So it shouldn’t matter that they’re shutting down the 3G network.  Besides, the change doesn’t occur until Feb 2022.  It’s only March 2021.  Why can’t I use this phone now and change later if I have to?