S10 Whatsapp Crashing After Android 10 Update

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If you noticed that Whatsapp plus appears to be regularly crashing on your Galaxy S10 after an Android 10 update. There’s been a number of Galaxy S10 users right now experiencing the problem for some reason.


Anyone know the solution for it?


Best answer by ds329a 14 May 2022, 00:26

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Hi @Brittanymeq we thank you for posting in the Cricket forum. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with Whatsapp. May you ensure the application is operating on the latest software available. May you also uninstall and reinstall the application. These steps should help resolve your issue. #CricketNation

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I found the solution it worked for me:

WhatsappApp Plus crashes are often a minor app-related problem and most of the time, resetting the app in question will fix them. That's what you need to do next. You have to clear the cache and data of Whatsapp to bring it back to its default configuration as well as to replace its old cache and data files.


If Whatsapp is still crashing after upgrading your Galaxy S10 fast direct deposit loans to Android 10 update, the other possible reason that you want to check is the presence of a bad third-party app. Not all apps are built with the same skill and resources so some may suddenly start acting up if the developer did not prepare it for a new Android version. 


If Whatsapp continues to break after updating your Galaxy S10 fast loans to Android 10, another possible cause is the presence of a malicious third-party software. Because not all apps are created with the same level of expertise and resources, some may start behaving up unexpectedly if the developer does not prepare it for a new Android version.