Samsung A50 wifi capability??

  • 18 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Has anyone with a Samsung A50 been able to utilize the wifi capability with Cricket?  I have almost no service at my home and solely rely on the wifi option and before I order a new unlocked A50 phone I wanted to see if anyone was having success with it and the wifi calling option.  The A50 is not on the approved listing for WiFi capable phones supported by Cricket and their tech support could not tell me if it would work or why it was not listed.

1 reply

hi there... not wifi calling  is not gonna work on the a50 cause  the setting that  the  global version come with are not compatible with cricket wifi calling in order to get it working with wifi calling you have to purchase a original cellphone from crikcet or one compatible device that there are on the list,  enjoy your day bro