SAMSUNG A53 5G - Pressing POWER button, when phone is OFF and charging, does not invoke charge indication

  • 19 August 2023
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As the title specifies.…

The phone does charge.

Indication when cellphone is off and connected to the charger is shown INITIALLY (once connected to the charger). If the POWER button is pressed while the charge indication is still displayed - there is no problem.

However, the moment the charge indication is turned off, the charge status does not reappear when re-pressing the POWER button.

So, this is only the matter of an indication not showing - which is annoying and suspected as an issue either in the hardware or in the software itself (?). I just don’t know….

Re-flashing the cellphone with the appropriate firmware, does not help :( 

Has anyone run into this in hers/his A53 5G? 

Is there a configuration I need to change in the phone which I am unaware off to allow this charge indication to appear?

@Cricket support - In hopes you are seeing this message - If this is a known issue or related to a property of your design - please update. If you are unaware of such an issue, I would warmly suggest you check and if this is indeed recurring in other devices, a fix in pending update would be appreciated.

Thank you and best regards. 




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Hi, Cricket here! 

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device. Please know that Cricket does offer warranty on devices purchased new from Cricket. Please see the link below for details on our warranty process and how to file a claim: