Samsung Galaxy A50

  • 24 August 2021
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My mom died. I want to keep her cellphone for sentimental and practical reasons. Unfortunately,  Cricket says it's not compatible because it's a 3G device. Is there anything I can do to modify the phone to make it compatible? 

3 replies

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Oh, sweetie, I'm truly so sorry for your loss. I let My Nini's (grandmother, best friend, soulmate) landline continue forever after she passed. It was the one thing in my life that had to be a constant... I could call up that number, no matter what, and hear her tinkling, southern drawl reassuringly answer the call, if only a recording.❤️

Unfortunately, however, they will probably be as unhelpful and counterproductive (not to mention exorbitantly expensive) for you in this matter as they were for myself, and as Spectrum was in regards to continuing My Nini's landline service (btw I own the home now, wasn't some ghost line or anything, just same last name, new account). I no longer have that number, and even now it crushes me to think of not having that link to communicating with my favorite person in the world. Do yourself a favor and try to refocus your beloved thoughts and memories of your Mom onto something less vulnerable to the whims of conglomerate monsters...I'm certain that there are many such treasures of her. That, to be sure, is something they cannot take away from you. 

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Thank you for your reply. I would like to keep the phone for practical reasons, as well. I am looking to upgrade to another android because my phone only has 16 GB and is starting to give me problems updating apps. Mommy's phone is an android with 64 GB. It would be great to just be able to use her phone. I have my mom's voice on my current phone and plan to continue to keep that phone, but would like to use Mommy's phone with my current Cricket service. 


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