samsung galaxy note 20

  • 4 March 2021
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Just wondering why my note 20 is not compatible. I purchased from Samsung about 6 months ago. I put the imei in the search and says it won't work. Also have a note 10 that comes up the same. These are top notch phones and are 4g lte phones. Why is cricket doing this and are they going to make everyone purchase a cricket phone now?

8 replies

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Hi @Sargedlb, we’re retiring 3G service will help make room for more improvements to our network and help customers have a better experience.You’ll need a High-Definition Voice-capable (HD Voice-capable) device that is compatible with Cricket’s HD Voice network. Depending on what kind of phone you currently have, you may need an upgrade to a compatible one to continue using our network.

So my galaxy note 20 that hasn't been out for even a year yet is not hd voice compatible 

it is they just need to update their list of devices capable. technically they just want you to purchase phones directly from them but im in the same boat I buy straight from samsung.  Cricket needs a better way to verifying what a phone is capable of besides blocking any imei thats not on their shortlist.

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I’m going through the same thing with the note. I’m not sure how they intend on keeping customers if they deny phones that we know are compatible.


Yeah, I’m forced to upgrade because of the HD Voice by next year. Man, $12 goes a long way for a phone, Alcatel Verso. Sure they say its supported, yet when you buy it from other stores, its not compatible with crickets network

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Before you buy a new phone, you should always use their IMEI checker to make sure it’s compatible. That’s prepaid 101.

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Same issue they need to rethink this or they lose me as a customer there’s plenty of affordable wireless carriers now