Samsung galaxy note 8 compatibility - why?

  • 5 January 2022
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So, I spoke to Samsung today and they assured me that my note 8 would be able to function on the network as long as it has the latest software upgrade.  This was also explained to me by a cricket employee at the local store.

Can someone from Cricket answer the question... why is this phone not listed as a compatible device?  It is perfectly capable of operating on the network as a 4g device.   Is there something that can be done to correct the oversight?



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Hi @upcharged again 

Thanks for posting! To continue using a device on the Cricket network after the 3G shutdown, you'll need an HD Voice-capable smartphone that is compatible with the Cricket HD Voice network. This includes HD Voice-capable devices from Cricket, and select BYOD (bring your own devices). Not all 4G LTE phones brought to Cricket will work on Cricket’s HD Voice network, unfortunately. To confirm if your device is compatible with our HD Voice network, please visit the link provided and input your device IMEI:


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Hey! I’m not exactly sure why Cricket doesn’t list all compatible phones. However, I checked my phone (S6 Edge) on the compatibility page, and it comes up as being compatible.


I keep receiving text messages and emails from Cricket regarding the decom (for example, I received one yesterday “Get a FREE new phone before yours stops working”). I’m just going to continue to use my phone and pray for the best when the decom occurs.


Yeah, my phone is old. However, it works perfectly fine and takes great pictures. So I really don’t want to pay for a new phone and am not really enticed by the models being offered for free. 


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I dont understand why the samsung note 8 wont work after the 3G shutdown either. I opened up a Tmobile line. When I put in the tmo sim into my unlocked Samsung note 8, it provisioned to the Tmobile network and I was able to do wifi calling, and hd voice. This means this phone is capable of doing that, but for some reason, Cricket is not allowing it. Please Cricket, update your list, so these phones could work. I love my note 8, and it still takes great pictures.