Samsung galaxy S10 has been getting a little slow.

I've had this phone a few months after it's release and I've always had it protected with a phone case and screen protector. I have this screen protector that for some reason keeps "popping" when I touch it, (it doesnt happen that often but it could be a possibility) and I've been using the same screen protector for a little over a year. For the past few months my phone has been getting a little dumb and slow. My autocorrect won't correct most easy mistakes such as "xustok". I'm using that as an example but I'm having to correct it more, autocorrect used to be helpful at the start but it's a little bit useless now. Another issue I've had recently is that my keyboard has slowed down when I'm typing. It will often freeze on a few letters when I tap them and will just freeze for a couple of seconds when typing which often leads to more mistakes. Another thing is when I start typing, some letter will stay in their capital form even when I'm already two or more words into my sentence. Is there a reason for this?

Sorry for the long post but it's really irritating and I'm not sure if it will get worse or not.

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