Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • 29 February 2020
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Considering pulling the trigger on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Unlocked) but it only offer 5G and CDMA wireless technology. Would I be able to activate this phone with Cricket? TIA.

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5 replies

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Hello @Drillbit19! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Cricket has not transitioned over to 5G yet. This is something that our team is still working on to bring to our customers Also, CDMA devices will not work on our service as we are a GSM network. You will need to use a GSM device for it to work on our service. 

We also recommend entering the device IMEI into our device compatibility checker to confirm whether it will work with our service or not. You can find this in the link below:

Thanks very much for your response and warm welcome @James_Cricket. Looks like I'll have to consider another device...
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The s20 ultra works on cricket. Just no rcs for messages.
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The s20 ultra works with cricket. Just doesn't enable rcs in messages.

Question I have a Samsung galaxy s 20 ultra I dint remember my 4 digit personal pin .. And can't get into the main screen without the pin how do I get around that?