Samsung Internet is actually really good and wayyyy better than Chrome.

  • 12 April 2021
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Okay I've hated a lot of Samsung's first party apps for a while and eveytime I visit the Galaxy Store I'm just reminding of why I stick to Google or other third party apps. But after I noticed that Chrome was just laggy and started hating the lack of immediate controls while browsing, I decided to give Samsung Internet a try and boy was it awesome. They do their best to help you import your bookmarks and, as someone with A LOT who uses them very often, this is much appreciated (also the fact that it will automatically update when I add new bookmarks is just phenomenal). The customization along the bottom buttons is amazing and literally every feature/setting I could need is at my fingertips. The dark mode is nice and I'm glad there is a quick way to toggle it on/off rather than forcing you to use whatever your system setting is (looking at you google app). But the truly best thing about this browser is just how much faster it is than Chrome. Like, it doesn't lag at all and web pages load much faster while being less choppy in the animations and transitions. Whoever designed this app (plus the Notes, Calendar, and GoodLock apps) deserve a raise for utilizing Samsung's "samsunginess" for the best rather than the shit show that is Email, Weather, Health, and Galaxy Store apps.

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