Samsung One Ui

  • 25 February 2019
  • 7 replies

Does anyone have the new Samsung update yet? I have an s9 but no signs on One Ui so far.

7 replies

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@syedwa Thank you for commenting on our community forum! At the moment we have no update on the new Samsung software update. Once it is ready we will make sure to push it out to all of our devices. Please keep in mind to stay connected to Wi-Fi to receive it.

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I did see online that you have an update for s9, but It only applies to certain ones
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I did see on the cricket website under the phone help that the s9 have an update, but it only applies to certain software versions
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Any info on any of the other s9 phones. Still have not had an update for about three months

The entire world has had the update by now. I only wish I could unlock my phone and get it over with. Tech evolves at a very fast pace, maybe someone at cricket should do something about not becoming redundant. 

Same! Did you get your phone from cricket too?

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Yes I did, I guess it's just a waiting game until they get all the s9 phones done