SAMSUNG S23+ doesn't work

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I just purchased a samsung s23+ unlocked. When I insert the Cricket simcard, it worked for about 2 mins during which I can browse internet and make phone calls. After that 2 minites, it stop working. I can see the signal is full, I can see the 4g sign and data is flowing. Just couldn’t browse the internet or making phone calls anymore. Then I received a message saying my phone is not HD Voice compatible.

I have been using s21 for 2 years on the cricket. I believe this newest samsung model s23+ also have the technology built in to support the cricket card. Could someone help me here.





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I connected to cricket customer support they told me s23+ is not in the compatible list. May I ask why it's not? Is there a way Cricket can add the newest samsung flagship model to the compatible list?

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Same issue

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Hi there! Below is a link to BYOD devices compatible with Cricket network. Please be sure your device operates on the last software available. 

BYOD Compatibility | Cricket Wireless