Samsung S9

  • 17 December 2018
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I just spoke with customer service representative who said they absolutely will not give the new Samsung for 349.00 to current customers..only New customers..thats ridiculous.! I'm done cricket.. I've been with your company for 10 years or more..Im disgusted you would give someone who may or may not stay with you a discount but loyal customers you wont..hi T-Mobile, hi any other company..ill pay 800.00 for new Samsung now but not w You! done with this company! this customer is right...always! Bye

3 replies

You want me to get you customers for a discount or bill credit..but as a long standing customer you refuse to give me on discount on phone that you would discount for the customers I would bring you...lmao goodbye cricket..your customer service is awful..hate to tell you i won't be the only one leaving shortly..

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Thank you for your comment.  While some offers are only for new customers we offer upgrade discounts to existing customers. Existing customers can also take advantage of monthly rate plan discounts and our referral program which offers up to $250 in bill credits each year.


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You have two choices:  

1. Purchase the new phone through Craigslist.  Just know that there are risks and make sure you always check the EEMI number and stuff before paying for the phone.

2. Play the Carrier Switch game.  Switch carriers to AT&T or T-Mobile to get your phone.  Once the phone is paid for and you want a new phone, switch carriers again and keep spinning the wheel.

Personally, I get all of our phones from Craigslist.