Samsung S9+ Android P Update

  • 22 February 2019
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My wife has the Samsung S9 and she just got the Android P update last night.  My son has the Samsung S9+ but hasn't received the update even though it's out.  We went into settings and did the manual search but it says it's up to date.  When will the S9+ get the Android P update?


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11 replies

Your wife has the S9 on Cricket and got the new Android update?
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Yea I was shocked when it came in too.  My son wants it now so I ended up downloading the firmware from and updated his phone to Pie on my own.  It's pretty easy to do with Samsung Galaxy phones.

I have yet to get the update. Is your wife's phone a Cricket S9 or an unlocked S9?
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All Samsung phones come unlocked so you can do the update yourself.  My wife's phone initially came from AT&T but I blew out the AT&T Rom and installed the generic ROM to get rid of all the bloatware and stuff.  Maybe that's why it came in so fast.

For my son's S9+, I downloaded the Cricket ROM (CCT) and just upgraded his phone to Pie last night.

Just go to and you can download all the different variations of firmware for the S9 phone.  Select the country Unknown (CCT) and that's usually the Cricket Wireless ROM.  The instructions to install the ROM are usually listed on the right side of the screen.  It's pretty easy to do.

One note, Sammobile is a very slow site so the S9+ Pie download took 4.5 hours to download.  You can pay a yearly fee for faster downloads if you like.

I just read in an XDA Developer forum that "CCT" is for "Comcast", and that Cricket is "AIO". I am having trouble finding the AIO version. 

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@citapinc Hello & thank you for posting on the Community Forum! Software updates are pushed to the device from the manufacturer. We suggest contacting Samsung directly at 1 (800) 726-7864 for assistance.

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I just realized that I installed the SM-965U instead of the SM-965U1 ROM and there is a SM-965U1 AIO rom available.  So I'll just reinstall that ROM tonight and see what happens.

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