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I have a Samsung s9, I seen on the support page that some of the phones have received the newest update. My phone is not listed with the software version. I would like to know when it will be.

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@Spudman9510 Thank you for posting on our Cricket Community Forum, at the moment we do not have an update on when the software update will be provided. Once it is ready we will make sure to update and send a notification to our customers.

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The new Pie update should have been pushed to your phone by Samsung but they are notorious for lagging behind from carrier to carrier. Make sure you dont have to do a software update in your "Settings" file. 


This article can give you some insight on the update, 

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Any word on an update yet
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Any info on the rest of the s9 phones on getting the update. Samsung says it's up to the carrier
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I have sent a message to your national Facebook about this and still can't get any info or answers
Its april and still did not get the pie update. Can anyone guide me whats the problem and how many cricket users have got the update?

I just joined Cricket and they told me my S8 would work fine with wifi talking.  Since I must have wifi to use my phone at home, this was critical to me.  Well,,, no my phone will NOT connect to wifi talk on Cricket!  I am sick.   I cancelled my AT&T account and bought 2 phones for family members from Cricket and they are like.... well you have to by a Cricket phone!  I have an S8 why would I or should I buy another phone when the salesmen told me mine would work once unlocked!!!!!!  I feel helpless and have gone round with different Cricket employee/managers etc...not one tried to fix or offer a solution. and, that includes my FB posting too

That is not true I bought an AT&T S8 phone and it worked just fine, somehow there was an update that turned my AT&T phone into a Cricket phone but I have not yet received an update for the new software pie

Its August 2019 and still did not get the pie update. Can anyone guide me whats the problem and how many cricket users have got the update? I have a Samsung 9
My Galaxy S9 is still on Oreo. I would like to know when the update to Pie will be available?
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I had to download the firmware from Sam mobile and to the install myself. It is very risky to do it if you don't fallow the directions. Once I did the update I have not had any issues on getting anymore security updates for my phone.
Can you post the website link. I have tried everything. I am still running Android N with security patch Aug 1, 2017.
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Use this site at your own risk, and fallow their directions very carefully
What software are you running i have a at&t s8+ and can,t receive ota update,s and no wifi calling and all three cricket at&t and samsung can,t seem to fix this they flashed my firmware to 9.0 pie at&t but i still can,t receive udates been i,m not on cricket firmware. All the issues but they still offer bring your own device and neglect to tell you this.
Sam mobile dont have any cricket software and if you use a diffrent carrier software kiss your future updates goodbye it maybe diffrent if your phone is a cricket device but if not good luck.
Using a computer, and not your phone, visit Samsung’s support website. Connect your phone to the computer with your usb cable, and you can follow prompts on their support page to update your phone.