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  • 15 August 2022
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With things moving to 5G, a lot of people have been forced to get new phones recently. When doing that, many will look to get the latest phone models. I've always got the latest Samsung Galaxy S. series and was surprised Cricket doesn't carry any of them. So they have basically eliminated that market. Other carriers are giving deals on those phones! Oh well, I checked and was told I could buy an unlocked phone elsewhere as long as it was listed in their supported phones Iist. Yay, the S22 is supported! So I went to Samsung and purchased my new S22. I also bought a case, screen protector, camera lens protector, and phone popsocket grip. I should be all set. The Sim card is the same size. I move the Sim a ND power it back on. No problem! I can make calls and send texts, so I start setting things up. The next day I go to setup my hotspot so I can go online with my laptop. What happens?

This phone is not supported for hotspot!!!!! What the %@!$%#  

Call Cricket and I'm told they plan to support it but don't have a date yet! Really? It's August. The phone was released in February. A new version should come out in 2023. So when are you planning on getting around to it? Oh, and S21 isn't spotted either! I'm stunned. Now what? I may just need to find a new service provider. A $600+ phone and I can't do what I could on my S9. I've been with cricket since my S5, but this is a deal breaker and I'm going to let everyone know. 


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8 replies

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I am also seeing the same issue with Cricket wireless and the speeds of enabling 5g services on phones. 


I was watching a few weeks ago when the the New google Pixel 6a was release and for a few days it was not working on cricket.   But that was quickly resolved.  

On the other hand it took months for cricket to send out the update to the Moto One 5g Ace Unlock.  

I would first start by verifying the model number of your samsung phone to the at&t service capabilities.  If the phone model number is listed on that spread sheet and under 5g Network service,  then I would start really questioning Why.

Second,  go under settings,  App,  Show all system apps and look for an app call Cricket software update.   It appears this is the app that allows cricket to modify your phone software and network setting to work on the 5g.   But even if you have the app install, Cricket still needs to push out the security update to allow 5g. 

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Thank you @surfing191 but the phone is supported and listed on both Cricket and ATT's list of supported phones. What it sounds like is that they need software to do hotspot tethering that is also specific to the model of phone, not whether it is 5G or not. Cricket just hasn't bothered to update the software to work with newer Samsung Galaxy phones.

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Sorry.. I been on this 5g Kick and didn’t noticed the hotspot issue.   Just curious what is the model number of your samsung phone s22?


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Hey @elspetha and welcome to the Community Forum! Your S22 model is actually HD Voice (VoLTE), Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi Calling, and 5G compatible on our network. Feel free to send us a PM @CricketSupport  if you need additional assistance. We’re here to help!🤗

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         IT’S WORKING NOW!!!        

I feel I must retract my statements above and apologize, however, it was because the first person I reached on support did not know what they were doing and told me that it wasn’t supported.  Then I got someone through another support channel that was fantastic and made sure I got things fixed.  They even sent me an expedited shipment of a new SIM card at no charge to get things to work properly.



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i wonder if my S22 ultra will work with another sim card. On the website it says it’s not compatible.



I additionally went confronting a fundamentally vague issue at any rate whatsoever point it is agreed to me. Much appreciation to you for the help.